The challenge is taking portraits. Sinking in someone’s eyes, you touch their most sacred part – the SOUL. This is an emotion, urge, pain which you have to draw with light. I am certain that there are no unphotogenic people. Everyone carries in themselves a little universe and the photographer is the one who, with their magic, reveals your fairy world.

Photographer Tanya Markova

Matilda Nilsson

Matilda Rice admits she may have done "a few things" to prepare for her catwalk debut as a Jockey brand ambassador at New Zealand Fashion Week on Thursday night. She was "very nervous" ahead of her big underwear modelling debut.

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Model: Matilda Nilsson
Photographer: Sune Chee

Redhead Runway Models

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Fairytale Portraits

Vek has spent his life dedicate to pushing his art in challenging new directions. Each of Vek’s works tells a new and interesting story that creates a direct, emotional appeal to the audience ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit nullam nunc justo sagittis suscipit ultrices.


Honing in on happiness, dualities, the plight of the artist vs the graphic designer.